Unaka Prong w/ Maps Need Reading

Date: Friday, 21 July 2017 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Unaka Prong:
Formed in the winter of 2013, Unaka Prong, the genre-bending, improvisational sextet from Boone, NC began writing and performing songs that explore the fringes of individual member influences. For the last four years, Unaka Prong has been tirelessly performing around the region and further building their repertoire. Songs and compositions including tasteful elements of southern rock, folk, funk, R&B, jazz fusion, reggae, and the spaces in-between. The band takes an experimental approach to many of their songs in the studio and during live performances by the means of an expressive, conversational atmosphere between instruments that creates a hearty blend of genres and styles that is sure to appeal to many different ears.

The name, Unaka Prong, comes from the Unaka mountain range that encompasses most of the Appalachians bordering the NC/TN border. The words, Unaka Prong, translate litterally into Cherokee as "white haze," symbolizing the prominent Great Smoky Mountains region of NC and TN.

Through App State's Jazz program and coincidental jam sessions around Boone, Mike Welsh, John Hargett, Daniel Stevenson, Jonathon Sale, Chris Pope, and Nic Pressley began joining songwriting forces and experimenting respective styles as what is now known as Unaka Prong


Maps Need Reading:
"...an integral part of Knoxville’s progressive-music community."
-The Knoxville Mercury

"...resisting movement is futile. Dancing and/or foot-tapping is inevitable."
-Knoxville Music Warehouse

Maps Need Reading is a four-piece art rock band based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The band fuses elements of jazz, indie, and post rock, creating a hybrid sound that equally satisfies the tastes of both progressive rock and pop fans alike. 

Guitarist David Webb, bassist Nathan Patterson, and guitarist/keyboardist Chris Burgess formed The Renaissants during their high school years, creating nifty indie pop music that slowly drifted toward more odd time signatures and dynamic arrangements. The three musicians formed Maps Need Reading in 2011 by adding drummer Jordan Sexton, whose style allowed the band to further develop a more progressive, post-rock-influenced sound. In 2014, Sexton left the band and was replaced by childhood friend and University of Tennessee music school companion DJ Young.�

Moving forward with Young, the band has further diversified its sound while continuing to refine the core audible elements that have kept fans coming back—long, dynamic orchestrations that combine deep, dissonant noise and danceable indie pop aesthetics. Each member of the band contributes their own respective influences to the writing process, and that diversity allows for songs that span all across the musical spectrum. The band released its Hopes for Chemistry EP in August, 2015, and has used the positive momentum the album has received to begin pushing their sound outside Knoxville.



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  • Friday, 21 July 2017 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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